Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Checklist

I've been meaning to write a more detailed & reflective post for the year that was, however, due to an unfortunate incident (my phone got snatched on New Year's day), I've failed to so. It's sad to admit that I haven't done a lot of things that most people my age have already accomplished. So for this day, I'm saying no to creating any "resolutions" (I don't stick to it anyways), but just a checklist of things that I haven't done/don't normally do, yet seems like fun. Are you all with me? Here it goes:

I haven't been to the cinemas for God knows how long. Not that I don't enjoy watching movies, but, I don't know, it always seems like I can't find the time. So for this year, I'll make it a point to take myself out on a movie date at least once a month. The thought of going to the movies alone is somewhat scary, but what the heck, I'm a big girl now.

Plants Vs. Zombies
I'm the zombie, and the plants, ok the veggies, are my enemies. TRIVIA: I do not eat veggies. At all (well, except for potatoes. Do those count?). Name it, I don't I don't eat it. So I'm going to (try?) start eating some. I should try out one new veggie at least once a month. Please pray for me.

Alone time
I want to go out of town all by myself. Eat, pray, love-ish, eh? Unlike watching the movies alone, this is waaaaay scarier. The busy streets of the city has been my home for like, well, forever, but for me, it's healthy to spend some time away from all of the hustle & bustle. And it's another chance to get in touch with my inner self, with a thrilling, liberating experience in tow. Do you have suggestions on what good places to go? :)

Happiness in a Jar
No, it's not Nutella. Got this idea from a Tumblr post, wherein you just write every happy thing that has happened to you & placing all of them in a jar (in my case, I used a box). Then you can open it up the following year to reminisce. Now ain't that a fun way to stroll down memory lane? :)

Sweat it out
I work in the BPO industry, and as many of you are well-aware, we don't have the healthiest of lifestyles. Even though I'm skinny (READ: REALLY skinny), & don't have to lose weight (MUST. GAIN.), I really feel the need to exercise, and sweat it all out. So me & some of my girlies will be running, starting it once a week, then pick up our pace from there. Afterwards, enroll to hiphop classes & yoga.

Visita Iglesia
I've never been the religious type. I'm more of spiritual than religious. However, churches exude this air of calmness & serenity. It's a place to find solitude even though you're alongside a few hundred people. Plus, what other places have more history & jaw-dropping architecture other than churches, huh?

It's the climb
I've never been the athletic type. I do not have any strenuous activities to my name, but I've always been in awe with Mother Nature, so I'm planning to climb a mountain. I'm a worshipper of the sun & have always felt that I belong to the beach (even though I don't know how to swim). This year, I want to witness Mother Nature's magnificence with a view from the top.

So that's all of my items for now. I'm really, really excited (and determined!) to scratch things off of my bucket list. I'm ever decided to make this year a very colorful (if not the most) one. How about you, are you going to do exciting things this year, too? Do tell me!! :)


  1. I love the happiness in a jar bit. I really might try that. But then again, that jar might remain mostly empty for a long time - and I'll slowly spiral into depression.

    Kidding ;). Speaking of jaw-dropping, why Iglesia? As in Iglesia ni Cristo? Why not go for the old Catholic, goth/ecclesiastical architecture, man - keyword Catholic =p.

    I have no idea if you can just waltz in sa INC. From the little that I know, you can but they're particular and mind you conservative in their attire i.e. men wear pants, women wear skirts... Somewhat Dating Daan ang peg.

    1. Go for the happiness in Jar please :) no man, Iglesia in tagalog is church :) "visita iglesia" is a spanish phrase, and it's used every Holy Week when people jump from one church to another, and they do the Stations of the Cross. Hehe but yeah, we're going after the old borderline creepy, yet architecturally amazing Catholic churches :)