Saturday, February 8, 2014

Style Inspiration - Bestie Konisis

Photos grabbed from The Capricious Club

Bestie Konisis of The Capricious Club is one of my first loves on the blogosphere. Her style ranges from vintage to boyish to preppy to a whole lot more. When I stumbled upon her blog a couple of years back, I had to back read everything until I got to the very first post. It had some kind of Pringles charm: "once you pop, you can't stop". Aside from her amazingly eccentric fashion sense, another thing that captured my attention was Bestie's knack in writing. She's able to blabber about her OOTD in about 2 paragraphs, but it's totally okay! She's able to weave her words into golden threads of cohesiveness. No draggy feels. No urge of scrolling (up or) down to the pictures. Interest is what will drive you to the next pages. 

Thank you for the inspiration, Bestie! You're one of the reasons why I ventured out of my (fashion) comfort zone; and you also made me realize that the sure accessory to rock any outfit is confidence. Keep inspiring & happy anniversary to your blog. :)

Friday, February 7, 2014

#ThrowbackThursday - This is Based on a (Not So) True Story

She has come into terms with acceptance. Just like him, she has managed to get on with her life; yet they kept the thin thread of friendship that bound them. The informal farewell has sent her to Cryingville once again, but not him. He was quite touched with the little exchange of drama over emails. Touched, but not moved. Then again, they went on with their lives, still bound with that thin, thin thread. 

The countdown to the day of going away didn't really hurt her that bad. In fact, she felt free after her crying spree. A lot of suppressed emotional baggage were unpacked during that session. It felt good, alright. To the point that she was ready. Ready enough to face the days to come of knowing he's out of her life for good. 

With a smile on her face, she was strolling amidst the holiday-emptied streets. Yes, she is ready. It felt so real at that moment. That moment when goodbye didn't sting anymore.

(Or so she thought.)