Monday, June 30, 2014

The Half'a year that has been..

January - Ilocos

February - Mount Romelo

March - Boracay

April - Bolinao

May - Sibale

June - Laguna

This year has been good, if not the best. And cliche as it may seem, time does really fly by fast, when you're having fun. I guess I am, cuz it seems that everything was a blur. I'm having the greatest time of my life, and all I can think of saying now is thank you, thank you, thank you.. <3 p="">

Friday, June 20, 2014


Photos by Jerry

Vest, Tutu, Boots = thrifted
Bag = Parisian

"And the elusive One That Got Away? She has days when she still can't cut the strings.

She has moments of panic when she wonders if her Prince Charming got lost somewhere or decided to settle for another less complicated, less stubborn, less independent princess. Sometimes, she doesn't know where she's going until she gets there..

She hasn't got it all figured it out. Far from it, in fact..

But she loves God & she loves to dance, and she's her own better half. 

The bravest woman I know? She is the reason I do what I do. She's The Single Woman.

She's me, and she's You.."

(excerpt from The Single Woman, Mandy Hale)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

#ThrowbackThursday - This is based on a (Not So) True Story - Version 1.2

vest = DIY
jeans = Wrangler
boots = thrifted

Today is the day. She is smiling triumphantly because she is already floating amidst the calm sea. She almost drowned, though. From her own tears, that is. She surpassed the crazy storm of emotions that struck her the past couple of days. Emotionally exhausting that was, but none of it matters to her anymore.

She was ready to end the day, but fate decided to tweak the plot just one last time.

It was another familiar setting: blasting sounds from the karaoke machine; the stench of alcohol; the reek of cigarettes ensuing clouds that hovered lazily. She takes a short trip down memory lane. It was quick, but the memories were clear, too clear. He's yet to arrive, but the glimpses of the past beat him there. She blinked them away. She was still sure she will get through this with her head held up high.

Then everything was a blur. The next thing they knew, they were lost in their own world. In between puffs of smoke & the gulps of beer, they talked. About a lot. Probably to make up for the time lost, even though it wasn't really meant for them. He said a lot. A whole lot. After their little exchange of goodbyes over email, she never expected another episode of drama. Her tear ducts are still too sore from last session's overuse. Much to her surprise, he intrepidly admitted his faults, shortcomings, whatever it is that he could never, ever give her. She was flabbergasted as he unveiled a good portion of his emotions this time. She has tried oh-so-hard to undress him of his inhibitions from before, but now, he's stripping, almost bare.

The deep sighs, the endless sobs.. But no matter how much they cry, the fact that "it just can't be" still remains. No, not in this lifetime. The talk has turned into blubber now. Of apologies, and of thanks, for being part of each other's lives.

And the promise.

The promise that in the next life, it would be their turn. They would then be together. No more shitty ordeals, they will simply be together.

She woke up with puffy eyes & a heavy head. With vivid memories in tow, she faced the day smiling. Smiling the way she did before she was supposed to end the day. She was able to prove to herself that it was true. What they had was true. And for once in her life, she was given the closure that she needed..