Friday, June 20, 2014


Photos by Jerry

Vest, Tutu, Boots = thrifted
Bag = Parisian

"And the elusive One That Got Away? She has days when she still can't cut the strings.

She has moments of panic when she wonders if her Prince Charming got lost somewhere or decided to settle for another less complicated, less stubborn, less independent princess. Sometimes, she doesn't know where she's going until she gets there..

She hasn't got it all figured it out. Far from it, in fact..

But she loves God & she loves to dance, and she's her own better half. 

The bravest woman I know? She is the reason I do what I do. She's The Single Woman.

She's me, and she's You.."

(excerpt from The Single Woman, Mandy Hale)


  1. I liked the composure of your outfit; the boots and handbag must be the same in color even if it's a leather. Overall, just perfect for you.

  2. You look great with your attire. Hope i could also use shoes with heels like that. I am petite and i sometimes get conscious about my height. the thing is, i am not used of wearing high heeled shoes. I am not used of 'Tiis ganda".

  3. I like your shoes! I've been meaning to go search for a pair like those, but I'm worried I might not be able to pull them off hehe.

  4. It seems like everybody likes your shoes as for me your bag rocks.

  5. I have to agree that single people are the strongest. You look really great here too.