Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Top = thrifted
High waist shorts = Landmark
Booties = Parisian

Back when I started working, I had a workmate who was a Psych graduate. During our free time, we took a lot of personality tests (which I still enjoy taking up until now, BTW) and afterwards, she would translate & explain the results to us. On one of the tests, she told me that I was some kind of OC, or something to that effect. Back then, I didn't full understand what the tendencies were. They just told me that OC people are the epitome(s?) of being organized. I told my mum about it, and without batting an eyelash, she said that it was very unlikely. It seemed that being organized was a word omitted from my vocabulary.

Over the years, when I've managed to get to know my self more, I realized that my former colleague had been right all along. I, indeed have an inclination to OCD. Though mum had been right that I am not the most organized (pertaining to the stuff inside my closet & my underwear drawers), it dawned on me that this is the case when my state of mind is in utter disorder, too. 

It led me to the conclusion that my closet (my stuff in general, actually) is a mirror of my thoughts. And right now, both my closet literally & (mental) figuratively are in dire need of an overhaul..

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