Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hi - Bye


After a long time of debating on whether or not I should mature, I've finally just decided to piss a lot of people & start a new blog. So before I bombard your feeds with senseless stuff, I want to do a(n) (in)formal (?) introduction of what you're about to witness. Brace yourselves, here it goes:

My name is Kai. 20ish. BPO diva. Skinny as hell.

Self-proclaimed grammar nazi that errs a lot in grammar. Acrophobic. Narcissistic is my middlename. 

Worshipper of the Sun. Frustrated Writer & Photog. Goodvibes advocate.
Well, ok, I'm a fairy sometimes.

So there. Few words. Few pictures. Get ready. There will be more. A whole lot more. 

Happy Holidays! :)



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